TINA believes that volunteering is an important aspect of Australian culture. Through volunteering at TINA, you will be able to contribute to TINA's unique activities in the local community, especially in the culturally and linguistically diverse communities found in Sydney's Regions.

TINA volunteers assist with a wide range of activities. Volunteers help people with a variety of needs; others need social services, and some need logistical assistance. Volunteers come from a variety of cultural and linguistic backgrounds; others are refugees, and some are struggling with financial, economic, or health issues.

Our volunteer positions include the following:

  • Assisting in group activities
  • Providing assistance to children in playgroups
  • Assisting disabled elderly people with shopping or visits to their homes
  • Tutoring young people
  • Teaching Tibetan
  • Teaching English
  • Assisting with administrative tasks

Are you ready to help with volunteering?
Call 469310186 and ask to speak with our Volunteer Coordinator to know more about volunteering with Focus Connect.


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