Protests in Tibet

We believe that with you, we can save the freedom of the Tibetan people and end China's illegal occupation of Tibet

With you, we will be stronger and more effective in our lobbying and advocacy for Tibet. With you by our side, we will be able to carry out, step by step, the important work of bringing justice to Tibet in our quest. But we need your solidarity, support and a strong voice for the cause. Become a member with your donation now and we'll send you an exclusive 2021 membership card and extra window stickers so you can show your support for the Tibetan cause. Together, we can turn the scales in favour of compassion and justice. Confirm your membership today.

Protests for Freedom

Mass protests and uprisings in Tibet and abroad since 1950s.

Since China’s invasion of their country in 1950, Tibetans have never stopped resisting the occupation and the destruction of their way of life. From displaying their banned flag to joining mass protests, Tibetans assert their desire for freedom in the face of severe repression. Today, this struggle is being carried forward by a generation of Tibetans whose parents and even grandparents do not remember a life free of Chinese rule.

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